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Controlo Inteligente de Iluminação

Smart City/Smart Grid

LED Roadway Lighting Ltd. is a leader in smart street lighting. In conjunction with our technology partners, we provide smart street lighting solutions to utility and municipal clients. The combination of LRL's award-winning NXT™ luminaires and our technology partners' leadership in smart grid networking technology allows users to manage street light assets, meters, and grid automation and demand response infrastructure on the same network. Visibility into street light operation enables condition-based maintenance, remote operation for safety and security, and the ability to adjust and manage lighting options based on the public's need, at the lowest possible total cost of ownership. We offer an internal network interface card (NIC) or external (node) solutions using either star or mesh network topologies.

  • Energy savings up to 75% (or more, with dimming).
  • Lowest total operating cost.
  • Maintenance management costs are reduced.
  • Communicate and control other grid-connected devices.
  • Load shifting and balancing.
  • Leverages deployed smart grid.
  • Reliable, secure, and scalable.
  • Wireless control and reporting of the luminaire asset base.

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